Trekking Catalonia.

Around Barcelona there are several very attractive places to visit, with less than one hour by car, and if we want to go to the heart of the Pyrenees, we can move from Barcelona in less than two hours, which brings us an infinity of idyllic places to visit.

Our guides will pick you up at your hotel and will accompany you at all times to show you places that you can only know if an expert and knowledgeable about the area shows them.

We can propose some places like Montserrat Santuary, Nuria’s Valley, Matagalls peak, Puigmal peak, but there are hundreds places what it’s worth watching. If you know where you would like to go… perfect, but if not, is not a problem. Tell us which time you want walk and we will recomender the best opcion.

Choose where you want to go, or simply let us take you to enjoy nature walking relaxed in different areas of our country Catalonia.