Barcelona City Tours. Professional Guides

Barcelona is a millenary city, one of the most visited in the world, and therefore has all the services that a tourist may need. The arrival of thousands of them every day through different routes of entry makes Barcelona a place full of tourist life at all times.

The great monumental attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, the Cathedral, the Church of the Sea, the old quarters that welcome them or their splendid museums leave the visitor exhausted, and always swallowed up in a crowd.

But Barcelona, ​​due to its status as a big city, is also a place full of sporadic cultural activities such as concerts, popular parties, and other multiple events that can be very interesting for you. Depending on the dates of the calendar you choose, we will propose the most interesting ones and that they coincide in the time of their stay in the city.


If you want to know the city from a more historical perspective of the knowledge of the visited, and from the hand of someone who really knows it because he has lived in it most of his life, we can offer you our qualified guides that will take you make the best tour of the city explaining the history and the particularities of the place. You can move from one place to another in our vehicles with maximum comfort, making much better use of your time.