Daily Archive 16 de July de 2018



When i was a young boy, and i was walking through the Sitges’s Harbour, I always felt the need to sailing. I liked the boats, I looked at them with desire, and I dreamed get into and furrow the big blue on board of them.


The years, passed until I could began to sail because unfortunately neither in my family or social environment was linked to sailing or nautical life.


Where ever I was missing, it was the party that is commemorated today; The Virgin of Carmen, patron saint of sailors. In all the ports, fishermen and sailors today go to the sea in procession, carrying on board a boat, the image of the virgin, and invite on board anyone who is in the harbor and wants to embark on them. It was a sublime moment for me. I think I was already caught by the sea.


But in my last years of profession as a teacher of nautical, he has seen many people come to learn to navigate simply because

 the sea likes them, and sometimes there are students who I see as they get caught by the sea, and they fall in love of sea. They liked the navigation before coming, but when experiencing it and living it, it generates a passion for them to go to the sea that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. Not all people the sea ca

tches you like that, but you may be one of your chosen ones and you still do not know it. We do not know why it happens, but we do know that it occurs, and it can happen to you.

Come and live on board unique moments that can make you discover a new world of sensations and experiences that will fill a part of your life, in harmony with the nature of the sea and the pleasure of sailing.